Candlelight founded as wholesale company in 1976 with a focus on importing candles and products ranging from decoration to household items.

In 1990, following our travels to Baguio in the Philippines, we introduced Natural Rattan and Antique Furniture items into our collection, beginning our foray into the furniture market. Our next travels took us to Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, where we enriched our collection with antiques, as well as unusual and exclusive furniture.

Candlelight the Showroom was established in 2007 to house our full collection of furniture and accessories as well as to welcome professionals and retail clients.


We are firmly committed to excellent customer service, and superior product quality you can rely on. Our team is available 6 days a week to reply to any requests by email or phone, including quotes, shipping arrangements, and any other information you may require.

We also welcome visits to our showroom and will provide pick up service from Athens airport which is a mere 10 minute drive away.

Our staff is also fluent in English and French as well as Greek.





All weather Rattan is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture because of its durability, weather resistance and ease of care. The furniture is woven on an aluminum frame which makes it rust free, strong, sturdy, rigid, ergonomic and comfortable. The material is made from an ultra violet inhibited polypropylene which makes it durable under the sun. The outer layer consists of high-density resin which forms a hard outer shell. The interior is constructed of an expanded resin.

Rattan furniture is perfect for both commercial and residential outdoor environments. We manufacture our outdoor wicker furniture in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Maintenance: No special care is needed, other than a wash down with clean water from a hose, or a light dry brushing.


Concrete is a stunning material for the outdoors, and complements wicker and teak furniture well. A statement piece for any modern space, concrete furniture adds a contemporary feel to any outdoor living room.

The furniture is made of Portland cement, sand mixed with Granite, stone, and a natural plant for reinforcement.

It is important to note that as a natural product, concrete can and will develop cracks and fine lines. This does not affect the integrity or durability of these natural concrete products. If you are not comfortable with the way that natural concrete will age, we invite you to look at our other available materials for outdoor furniture.

This concrete furniture is exceptionally beautiful and well-made and built to be outdoors full-time.

Maintenance: The products are polished to perfection and then treated with an Acrylic material which ensures that they are water and oil repellent. The protection can last up to two years according to the usage. We recommend that you use car polish to maintain its surface to its original condition when needed.


The old teak wood is cleaned to remove old finishes, varnishes, oils, dirt and particles as well as all old hardware. Craftsmen then plane and sand each piece of wood to restore the grain and color. This is then crafted into a usable size for the styles being created. The wood is then kiln-dried to obtain the optimum moisture content. Finally, it is sanded and finished, making it ready for construction.

Our reclaimed teak furniture is made in by expert craftsmen in central Java, Indonesia. Each piece is individual — no two pieces are exactly the same.
Every dent and imperfection confirms that the wood has been used in the past and adds to its character

Maintenance: Clean with simple teak Cleaner solution diluted as directed on the product, wash off to leave to air dry. To remove loose grime on a daily basis, use a soft, dry household brush.



The wood used to make our Teak Furniture is harvested from a government-controlled forest in Indonesia in accordance with sustainable forestry practices. We use Javanese teak in the manufacture of all teak furniture.

The craftsmanship of every piece of teak furniture is of the highest quality. Individual pieces are made to last a lifetime. Although our teak wood is kiln dried, due to the very low humidity in Greece some cracks may incur which is natural. Each item is sanded to give a smooth finish.

Maintenance: Outdoor furniture made from teak wood needs no paint or varnish. With the wood's high oil content teak will fade to a beautiful even colored patina. Indoor teak furniture does not need any maintenance other than dusting or wiping over with a damp cloth.



Our rattan furniture is made from high quality Indonesian natural rattan with a solid mahogany wood frame or rattan pole according to the products. We use Kubu gray color which is the current trend in the rattan furniture market. The grey color comes from soaking the rattan skin in the mud for couple of days to get the grey color. Nearly all our products are sold with cushions which are included in our selling price.

Maintenance: The furniture can be left both indoors and outdoors but not under direct rain. When left outside the wicker will slowly turn to a slightly charming grey/white color due to the weathering process but this in no way affects the structural integrity of the chair. Brush with a soft brush to clean the surface from dust.



Our aluminium furniture is made by ScanCom , ( www.scancom.net ). ScanCom uses aluminum that is commonly used for boatbuilding and water-sensitive shore applications, due to its excellent mechanical properties and suitability for outdoor products. Aluminum offers stability and robustness while also being lightweight and easy to move, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. ScanCom's aluminum components and products are coated with Duracoat®, a polymer-based, multi-layer powder coating for effective protection from the weather.

ScanCom uses steel and steel mesh for some of its products as it provides strength, stability and robustness in addition to being a classic choice for outdoor products. Every piece of ScanCom furniture made from steel or steel mesh is finished with Durasint®, a hot melt powder coating for effective protection against damage and surface corrosion. This provides a finish of supreme quality that is low maintenance, scratch resistant and able to withstand all types of weather, ensuring that our high-quality products remain pristine for a longer time than other products of similar construction.
Every stage of our Durasint® production process is undertaken in-house, enabling ScanCom to control all aspects in order to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Durasint® is safe for the environment and the coating does not make use of or contain any harmful chemicals.



We proudly present Sunroof® Sling, a fabric which provides incomparable performance: strong, breathable, vibrant and durable (strong tear resistance and excellent resistance to ultraviolet, rays and mold). All Sunroof® fabric is Oeko-Tex certified. We care for your health.

100% Olefin, 238gr/m2, 150 width

Most of our products are sold with cushions which are included in the selling price.